iB4e's small Laboratory Information Management System™ (sLIMS)

Managing a Laboratory Environment Can Be Challenging

Whether you are utilizing your labs to conduct research, testing product quality or providing service delivery, it is easy to spend most of your time managing the laboratory and not the outcomes.

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iB4e’s sLIMS Enables You to Focus More of Your Time on the Right Things

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iB4e's sLIMS is Built for the Smaller Laboratory Environment and is Realistically Priced Based on the Size of Your Operations.

Embrace Minimalism

Why pay for features you will never use. sLIMS delivers core features - no bells and whistles. Designed to get the job done at a fraction of the cost for similar solutions.

Pay for What You Need

Only pay for the features you need. Don’t need the biosafety module don’t pay for it. Add and remove modules as required.

Relevant Operation

Straight forward licensing, implementation and user interface. Never get bogged down in a costly configuration phase or upgrade.

Realistic Pricing

sLIMS is designed for the smaller laboratory environments. Price is based on the size of the operation.

Contact us to request a demonstration of our Laboratory Information Management System software or to learn more about our realistic pricing model.


iB4e's small Laboratory Information Management System™

Manage Your Laboratory Safety and Compliance ...

Capital Asset and Operations Management

  • Structured equipment database including service/maintenance activity with the flexibility for tracking user defined attributes such as costs, depreciation, grant codes and more.
  • Flexible laboratory database including classifications and ratings.
  • Dynamic reservation management for laboratories and equipment with integrated training and service requirements checking.
  • Integrated document management that provides easy user access to required documentation such as Material Safety Data Sheets, Standard Operating Procedures, Laboratory Safety Procedures and more.
  • Tracking of training courses for personnel, registrants and completion history.
  • Inventory collection and management for all supply items.
  • Administrative interface to oversee the laboratory management cycle.
  • Release 3.0.


  • Structured pathogens and toxins database with flexibility for unit of measures, categories and risk groups.
  • Permit management with date, classification and status management. Includes associated personnel with contact information, pathogens and toxins, laboratories, inspections, conditions and comments.
  • Inspections of permits, laboratories and equipment with deficiency tracking.
  • Inventory collection and management for all pathogens and toxins.
  • Administrative interface to oversee the permit management cycle.
  • Permit holders and designates interface to manage pathogen and toxin inventories, verification of associated permit information, inspection results and comments.
  • Predefined queries to quickly locate information to support PHAC regulations and audits.
  • Release 3.0.

Core Features

  • Secure web interface with user management.
  • Multiple language support for all user interfaces, including both official Canadian languages.
  • System access audits and change logs for all transactional data.
  • Accessibility - WCAG 2.0 AAA compliant. *
  • Responsive design for use with multiple devices.
  • Release 3.0.
* Validated with third-party verification tool.

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