Manage Your Biosecurity and Biosafety Compliance

Introducing iB4e technologies Biosecurity and Biosafety Compliance Support Software: designed to support your risk management plan and PHAC biosecurity and biosafety compliance program life-cycle. A component of our small Laboratory Information Management System.

iB4e sLIMS

Monitor Your Risk in a Click

See what's going on in an instant - based on metrics that are key to your risk mitigation plan.

Risk Monitoring Dashboard * Sample data - available in release 2.0

Move Your Biosecurity and Biosafety Compliance Program Out of The Filing Cabinet

Take control of your biosecurity and biosafety compliance program. Track key aspects of research activities occurring in your organization.

Move from managing individual research activities to seeing the entire picture simply by running a query. PHAC compliance support in a snap.

Permits * All data depicted in this screen capture is entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, is purely coincidental.

Request a Demonstration

Request a demonstration of the Biosecurity and Biosafety component of our small Laboratory Information Management System software.


Biosecurity and Biosafety Compliance Software

Manage Your Biosecurity and Biosafety Compliance ...

  • Secure web interface with user management.
  • Multiple language support for all user interfaces, including both official Canadian languages.
  • Structured pathogens and toxins database with flexibility for unit of measures, categories and risk groups.
  • Permit management with date, classification and status management. Includes associated personnel with contact information, pathogens and toxins, laboratories, inspections, conditions and comments.
  • Inspections of permits, laboratories and equipment with deficiency tracking.
  • Inventory collection and management for all pathogens and toxins.
  • Administrative interface to oversee the permit management cycle.
  • Permit holders and designates interface to manage pathogen and toxin inventories, verification of associated permit information, inspection results and comments.
  • System access audits and change logs for all transactional data.
  • Predefined queries to quickly locate information to support PHAC regulations and audits.
  • Accessibility - WCAG 2.0 AAA compliant. *
  • Responsive design for use with multiple devices.
  • Release 3.0.
* Validated with third-party verification tool.

Self-assess your Biosafety risk - Business continuity tool.

Take the business continuity scenario-based self-assessment. The assessment tool's objective is to provide real world scenarios designed to get your team thinking about your biosecurity and biosafety risk management plans. It can be used anonymously and provides a way to measure your preparedness in relation to how other organizations, interested in biosecurity and biosafety, have completed the assessment.

Anonymous ... but you won't receive a copy of your responses.

Begin self-assessment (anonymous)

Email required ... you will be emailed a copy of your responses.

Begin self-assessment (email my responses)

Take a break

Watch a light-hearted video that presents some of the biosecurity and biosafety challenges that you may face.

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