actH&STM Health and Safety Management , Simplified.

actH&STM new (available to select preview customers)

A robust Health and Safety Management System to assist you in managing the associated risk. Real-time insight indicators are available based on the information you are already managing in the application to support your day-to-day operations. License the components and the number of application users you require to support your enterprise.

Use actH&STM on a platform that best fits your needs:


Easily move to a different platform when the need arises.

Application risk domain:

Compliance and Governance
Incident Management
Laboratory Information Management

Functional risk domain:

Radiation and Nuclear substance safety
Fire safety
Hazardous Materials tracking
Controlled and Designated substance tracking
Environment protection

Benefits of iB4e's Health and Safety Program Support Solution:

Simplify your governance obligations
  • Track the license lifecycle to ensure requirements are met
  • Identify gaps based on inspections and reported incidents
  • Ensure research grant criteria is satisfied
Satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements
  • Easily identify pathogen inventory by quantities on-hand and storage location
  • Track service history to ensure standards are met
  • Streamline regulatory paperwork requirements
Improve employee safety
  • Enhance access to standard operating procedures, pathogen and safety data sheets to all stakeholders
  • Ensure required employee training is completed and up-to-date
Minimal technical resources required
  • Small technology footprint
  • Simplified installation steps
  • On-premise, cloud, or full service options

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